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PayPal problem for customers from USA

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Dear customers from the US,


due to the problem of not showing the "State" field when using PayPal in our shop system, we are currently not able to accept PayPal payments directly from US customers. The missing field of your state gives you an error in your payment procedure back, unless you add the state in the required field. If not you will get an error from Paypal back.

Best solution for now is the following procedure:

1) Add the items you want to purchase into the cart
2) Proceed to check out.
3) When you select the payment option, please use the pre payment option.
3) You get a confirmation for your order. Please add in the notes that you would like to pay via PayPal and let us know your PayPal email address.
4) We send you a PayPal money request.
5) We confirm your payment and ship the products or send you the information for tickets or workshops.


We appology for the inconvinience, but hope that this is just a temporary issue.

With kind regards,

Alex Barendregt // CEO wb production

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