Ten Words by Michael DeVellis

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Ten Words für eine stärkere Karriere, bedeutungsvollere Beziehungen und ein bemerkenswert fokusiertes Leben.
das Buch ist in englisher Sprache.

A Guide to Action and Progress – By Michael DeVellis

The beauty and makeup industry experts at The Powder Group are pleased to announce the release of the long-awaited print version of their popular Ten Words for a Stronger Career program. The seminar and workshop program on which the book is based, now in its tenth year, is a call-to-action for pros, freelancers and business owners who are looking for a renewed focus on their careers and lives. The print edition, officially titled Ten Words for a Stronger Career, More Meaningful Relationships and a Remarkably Focused Life, widens that scope, approaching personal development in addition to professional growth. The added breadth of the subject matter makes the new book a must-have for those looking to move themselves, their relationships or their business forward.

“No matter how long we have been at it – our career, friendships, marriage – there can still be those moments of difficulty and self-doubt we go through while trying to make everything come together and move in the direction we hope it will.” said author Michael DeVellis “Ten Words was created as a program – and now as a book, or guide really – to give people some direction in pulling themselves out of their day-to-day and to help rethink their process.”

The book, which began as a keynote talk at The Makeup Show NYC in 2007, is being released to coincide with its ten-year anniversary as a program. Its compact design and comfortable writing style come together in a concise, engaging and to the point format, which is sure to appeal to today’s dynamic reader.


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