Shipping & Returns

The office is usually open during the week from Monday to Friday. We try to post the articles on the day of your order, latest the day after.
Delivery times are different to each country, within Europe around 4 - 8 days.
Overseas order can take up to 14 days.

Costs for shipping are dipendend on weight and zone. The costs are displayed during the order process.

All kind of tickets for the festival will not be sent out. You get a confirmation of your order and payment, but the ticket has to be collected on the entrance door. Please bring a simply ID to verify that you are the buyer. Tickets can be given to another person if you are not able to come, just let us know under which name the tickets will be collected. Tickets that were not collected can not be refunded.

to show shipping costs, please choose the country you want the order to be shipped.

Standard Shipping within Austria

Standard Shipping within Austria

Calculation Total price
to 0,04 KG EUR 0,00
from 0,05 to 0,35 KG EUR 3,20
from 0,36 to 1,90 KG EUR 4,20
from 1,91 to 3,00 KG EUR 6,90
from 3,01 to 10,00 KG EUR 9,80
from 10,01 to 31,00 KG EUR 16,20
from 31,00 KG - No Shipping -